Declining Speech Comprehension

Why is my speech comprehension declining so much? No one can really explain to me why it is declining so rapidly. My audiologist theorizes that my brain is overworked from working at it for so long. Once I left home for university I had to work much harder at it to be self sufficient, and with being the “hearing” person in my marriage (ex is totally deaf) and having to use the phone and handle all those things myself added to it. I used to be very confident in what I was hearing, but now I question what I hear and it feels like the game Telephone; gets broken and not all of it seems to process correctly. It is worse when I am sick, exhausted, room full of noise, lighting when i can’t lipread well (its gotten to the point that sometimes with some people even lipreading does not help me much). All i know is, it is happening, and it is very frustrating for myself and my family, and something has to be done. Will the CI help with this? I don’t honestly know, but I am hopeful that with it stimulating the cochlea and possibly hearing things more accurately it may help. I know that I am running the risk of things being worse after I have the implant. After all, there are no guarantees.


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