The Wonders of Technology

Little did I know that after posting the page about technology and how it helps deaf people, that I would have an event that so illustrates this. Yesterday morning after I got up with my son, I checked my phone for messages. I had one from my common-law spouse/boyfriend. Actually 3. He had been in a serious head on collision 30 minutes after leaving home for work. Had it not been for the ability to text each other, I have no idea how a) he’d have been able to tell me what was happening since I am horrible on the phone these days and b) reached me otherwise .. the cell phone, especially the smartphones with the ability to text, IM, email etc really does make communication easier for deaf people, particularly in a serious event like what we went through yesterday. I am so grateful he is ok, and that I was able to do what was needed without confusion, repetition and panic. Life can turn on a dime, its too short, don’t have regrets, and love your loved ones unconditionally and show them daily.


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