The Dreaded Phone

Today.. OMG I had to make a phone call. I HATE making calls. I HATE getting them too. What I hate, is people talking to me as if I am right there in front of them. Even after I say ” I am hearing impaired, please repeat that, you are speaking too fast.” My daughter’s school phoned me.. and the receptionist left a message that I barely made out. I called back, and still did not get what it was about. I also had to call about my Visa. It gotten blocked for some perceived fraudulent activity. There wasn’t any. However, since i had trouble understanding the service representative, they told me I’d have to go into my branch to deal with it personally. When telemarketers call, I hang up. They speak too fast its not worth the effort it would take me anyway. I used to be more proficient on the phone, but now, I dread it. LOATHE IT. I wonder if the implant will help change that, and in time make it easier. I doubt it, but it would be nice if it did. Having to have others help, is not good for the ego either. I really hate people just talking on the phone as if everyone understood them. Voice mail messages are a pain to listen to. I rarely get the message on the first go. Often, I have to get someone else to listen for me. Most of the time I turn out to be right about what I heard, but my lack of confidence always has me asking others to help. In short… I love text messages, email, instant messaging formats. They take the “did I understand that?” question out of the rotation. I wish all communications were via email or text. Thankfully my friends and family do this.


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