19 Sleeps…

19 sleeps…. I’ve been quietly freaking out about my recovery. How will I feel after? Will I be nauseated? Will I have pain? Headaches? Dizziness? What kind of help will I need? For how long?

I decided to ask my exhubby if he could tell me whatever he remembered from his C.I. Surgery in 1995. (All this was via text messages)To my surprise he answered my questions. He said that he experienced:

Dizzyness and loss of balance for a few weeks. (Means I’ll need help with the baby)
Lots of Nausea the first week or two (might lose a few pounds! Lol)
Pain only at incision site.
Didn’t recall headaches.
Was unable to tilt head back all the way for years as it made him dizzy.
No feeling in that area as nerves were cut, thus a long time before sensation returned as the nerves healed and regenerated.

I told him I was sorry for saying his incision looked like baseball stitches (had staples). But that he got a cool upside down Nike Swoosh out of it. He haha’d and said whatevs.. Said might as well go bald. I suppose karma is a bitch since I am sure my incision will look the same.

I feel a bit better knowing what I might experience afterwards. Everyone recovers differently and they may have improved their techniques since 1995 (am sure they have). I am still anxious but at least some questions were answered.

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