Two Weeks from Today, 13 sleeps… OMG

WOW… I can’t believe its two weeks from today. Tomorrow I have my day long pre-surgery appointments with the Pre-Surgery Dept, and then with the surgeon and audiologist… going to be a LONG day.. I also have to do an up to date hearing test… JOY .. I really hate it.. The one with the repeating the sentences I hear back to the audiologist that is off a CD… that is HARD and that is where my speech comprehension comes in and its likely to go down again from two  years ago. I am predicting a 62 per cent accuracy at the rate things have been going the past 3 tests over the last 8 years … We will also be choosing my processor. I want the Neptune by Advanced Bionics, so that I can swim with my kids. WIll also know what the needs are for post surgery care in the days and weeks after the surgery. I am excited and terrified at the same time.. stressed about my youngest son who will be turning 9 months 4 days after the surgery. Writing things down has been helping, but needless to say I have been losing it lately with my family because I am so freaked out and stressed out. I just need them to understand that I have a lot to lose by doing this, and I don’t think they do.. 


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