Pre-surgery Appointments

It has been a few days since I went to my Pre-surgery appointments. The first involved a long medical history Q and A, and post surgery instructions. The second involved meeting with the audiologist to choose my processor (the Neptune by Advanced Bionics) and the surgeon. I was overwhelmed by the end of the first appointment. Which ended up taking two and half hours long as I also had to meet with the anesthesiologist. He said he’d prescribe a sedative to calm me if I needed something the morning of the surgery. I was unhappy about the post surgery instructions, particularly those which impacted taking care of my 9month (on 28th) old baby. And needing someone at the house around the clock for two weeks. It will all work out. We have family and friends willing to help us out, and already have the first four days covered. The audiology appointment lasted longer than it should have as the surgeon was called away to the ER and I had to wait an hour to see him. I picked out my colours and accessories for the Neptune and I will admit my choices are bland lol. As of today, April 15 we are 9 days away from the surgery. I am increasingly nervous and scared but a bit excited too. The surgeon was confident I’d do well with the CI due to still hearing a little and the brain thus having memories of sounds and speech already existing. I can’t believe it is happening next week! Hardly feel ready and yet I am.

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