Two More Sleeps! WOW

As I sit here with my older two children, showing my site, I realize the value of being able to communicate with them easily, with no frustrations or repetition (and not just them either.. I repeat over and over as well!). My children are the reason I am going through this surgery. I want to be able to have conversations without wondering what I heard them say, or whether I am about to say something that makes NO SENSE AT ALL to the conversation at hand. I am frequently known for doing this. My youngest is currently having his bottle.. and he is the one I most want to be able to understand from the get go.. I hear his “words” and can tell sometimes what he might be trying to say. I enjoy that he now mixes up the sounds he has learned and practiced into “sentences and stories”. It is so fascinating. 

My hubby is in the kitchen and I wish I could carry conversations with him through the pass through without having to move closer to lipread him. While I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life, I crave normalcy. I know the C.I. won’t give me normalcy, but it might bring me closer.

I love my family so much.  


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