Day 1 Post Surgery

Its been almost 24 hours since I went under. Waking up was hard..had to be told to breathe.. it was hard at first.. since I also get sick every time I woke up.. I woke frequently naturally.. but gradually began to sleep better. Did not feel much pain.. until i popped the ear drum. Now every time I burp or swallow, I feel it twinge. ouch.  I had visitors yesterday, my parents and my hubby. They could not let our baby in though 😦 which really sucked as I was missing him.

My head has bandages wrapped all round. Lots of padding on the right side, which made it feel heavy. I took a picture of my “before surgery” look and my “temporary hair do” look with the bandages. Will take another picture when the bandages are removed.. to check out what he shaved off, and determine how badly I will need another hair cut in a few weeks lol. I also cannot wear my glasses because of the bandages.. sucks.. no tv to entertain me lol.. makes lipreading harder.. and can barely see as I type this LOL.

Most of my dizziness was yesterday.. I slept for 2 hours after getting dropped off at home by my parents. Have been up an hour and half so far.. and feeling ok.  I hear lots of blood rushing in the ear, and tinnitus, ringing sounds.. which is annoying but at least not constant. Planning to nap often though.. My little one was happy to see me but was unsure it was Mommy at first.. He was all smiles and so adorable. I really missed him  yesterday.

So day one so far isn’t too bad, especially now that I stopped throwing up (BLECH). Have not tried to eat yet, brushing my teeth was a bit difficult to manage lol. Looks like a mostly liquid diet, drinks and soup for a few days. Maybe I will lose some weight out of the deal, one can only hope eh?


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