Day 2 Post Surgery

It is 6 am, and I am awake after sleeping fitfully all night. Waking every hour and half. The painkiller has me feeling woozy and nauseated, it sure packs a wallop! I plan to switch to Tylenol Ones during the day which is enough for the pain and doesn’t leave me feeling too out of it.

I have some swelling on the right side of my neck below my ear and my right eye looks a tad droopy. I guess the facial nerve controlling that is impacted a bit, probably from the swelling.

I cannot wait to get the headband bandage off, its annoying and the tape is peeling away, catching my hair in it. My neck itches where there is tape and its all I can do to not tear it off. I can’t wear my glasses yet because of the bandage so I have put my contacts in. I don’t wear them much and they are irritating my eyes a little as a result and from being a bit dehydrated. I need to drink more fluids today.

I have had a lot of ringing in my ear. Lots of weird sounds I didn’t expect to hear from the tinnitus. I actually “see” these ringings as big circles happening. Makes it hard to sleep :/

All in all I feel pretty good, and better than I’d expected. Only managed to eat a banana (nibbled at it like a mouse) and some of my Taco Beef Soup yesterday. It is hard to open my mouth wide enough on the right side, much less chew.

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