Day 3 Post Surgery

Still feeling dizzy and nauseated. Sleeping in one hour naps and all night long. Still, I feel pretty good considering. Some discomfort/pain but overall not too bad. Right ear is numb, right side of face and tongue feels like I had my wisdom tooth pulled. I also have swelling under my right eye and bruising.

Bandages came off today and my hair was washed. It feels so much better! It doesn’t look too bad but will see when the dressing comes off. I still have to wear my contacts since my glasses don’t fit over the dressing, which is a bummer since my contacts are irritating me.

I have lost 6 pounds already, from only being able to eat soup and drink gingerale. Numbness on right side and pain when I chew keeps me from having anything really substantial. Eating a banana means nibbling at it like a mouse lol.

I’ve been asked if I can hear anything yet. No, I cannot hear anything, not until the device is activated and I have my processor on. That will be May 22nd when I go back to get the device activated and programmed. I cannot wait for that. I expect people to sound tinny and robot like, or as the ex said like Mickey Mouse. So right now I can only hear out of the left ear when the hearing aid is on.

It doesn’t seem different than a few days ago when I wasn’t wearing the right hearing aid, and yet there is a difference somewhat. The right ear no longer hears anything the conventional way through the ear, and my hearing aid (which I wouldn’t be able to put on, as the ear is swollen too).

Counting down the days to May 22nd now 🙂

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