The Dreaded Incision

We changed the bandage yesterday as it was half off due to the hair regrowth. I suppose we could have left off putting a new one on but I had taken a picture of the incision and was not ready to leave it uncovered. I don’t know what I had expected. I suppose a cleaner stitching or staples, flatter… shorter, smaller, going in a different direction than it is. As it is, while it will heal well cosmetically, and not affect my hair growth overly much I hope.. it definitely was NOT what I thought he had done. It is long.. curvy.. behind my ear.. and currently looks like a cord. The stitches are done in such a way that it looks rope-like.. and it is raised. Horribly raised. I feel like Frankenstein’s Bride right now. The shaved area. The regrowth. The grey hairs. AND THAT HORRIBLE INCISION. I’ll have to keep the glasses clean as they just narrowly miss touching the incision, and in a day or so, the bandage will have to come off, as it will not stay attached at all. At least it is clean, and not draining or infected. That is a good sign. Still.. it has hit me hard.. my vanity (of which I admit only hits me from time to time) is not able to tolerate the sight of the incision. I had posted picture of my bandages and hair on my Facebook page. This picture however, will remain private, at least until it heals more and I can take a new picture of it, and post it when I feel more comfortable. I had a rough night over this last night.. it was all I could do not to tear off the bandages and touch the incision. It will take a lot of willpower not to do that over the next couple weeks as it is still healing. I cried a lot of tears over this, as well as what I mentioned in my post previously.


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