Words of Encouragement From My BFF

Dearest K,

I’ve read both your posts today but this is my first chance to write back. I wanted to put this here on your page for you. It is a big hug and a big smile and this wish:

Remember always that what defines you is the beauty inside you. It is the loving daughter, devoted mother and caring friend and partner that you are. It is your fighting spirit, your determination and even your stubborn streak which serves you well because it keeps you from giving up. It is that mischievous look you get. It is the smile you bring into the world every day.

For me, you have never been and never will be defined by whether or not your ears can detect sounds, (with or without technological assistance), nor by incisions or grey hairs. These are your battle scars, they are signs you have lived and you should wear them proudly.

This is a hard time and there will be tears and doubts and more tears. Tears are good. They cleanse. Let them wash away the pain and the fears. And then smile and remember that we who love you, love you the way you are. We loved you the way you were yesterday. We love you the way you are today. And we will all love you the way you will be tomorrow. 


 I love you… thank you.


November 26,2013

This message from my best friend still brings tears and a smile to my face. It serves to remind me how blessed I am with the friends I made, and still have today, regardless of where we are. Thank you again Bestie! Xo


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