First Outing

I took my youngest son for his 9 month well-baby check up today. My parents came along to help as I am still restricted from lifting him. I drove there, as I wanted to be sure that I would be able to drive next week if I needed to. Of course, my parents were concerned but saw the logic. If I had no help next week, I needed to be able to drive if the need arose. I was not dizzy at all, but was tired when we arrived after an hour’s drive (and stop for gas). I had not slept well last night, so the fatigue was expected. I am still not sleeping great, the tinnitus is annoying, the pain in the ear drum occasionally very painful, and my thoughts get the better of me at this time, as there is nothing to distract me. 

One of the things that became markedly obvious to me today, was the lack of sound on the right side. There is a HUGE disparity right now and I am feeling it greatly. I could hear my son when he babbled, despite the fact he is on my right side. I am reassured by that. I could hear the cd player, but not make out the words from behind the driver seat where I was sitting.

I am however anxious for the next 3 weeks to fly by so I can get my processor and hear again, even if it is going to sound different, at least I will HEAR SOMETHING. I loathe silence. I hated going without hearing aids when I had ear infections, especially double ear infections. I hated when a hearing aid was sent off for a month for repairs. So the more than a month without a hearing aid (was not working well so I had gone without the right hearing aid for 3 weeks prior to the surgery) is now driving me UP THE WALL.

So now I am anxious for May 22, when I will get my processor and get my implant activated. I need and want to hear on both sides of my head. My life is too quiet, too muffled, too much disparity of sound. I need SURROUND SOUND. 


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