Two Weeks Post Surgery

The tinnitus has improved.. it now sounds more like a constant morse code tapping instead of the RINGING tone .. The ear is still numb and thus feels as if I have forgotten to remove my hearing aid. Also feels like I have a plate in my head. I know I have the implant but I doubt I should be feeling it LOL. There is zero hearing in the right ear now. The suture knot has become more prominent as the incision heals and now hurts anytime the ear lobe is touched. The sutures will be removed tomorrow, and I cannot wait.. I am anxious to further the healing process and thus be able to shower like normal next week. I am two weeks away from the activation of the implant and from receiving my processor. I am also anxious for that, as I have not adjusted well to the one-sided hearing and have been missing parts of conversations. I am becoming testy and snapping at the hubby because he has not adjusted either and has not accommodated me as I need him to. I also did not hear my son on the baby monitor this morning, and my alert master system did not go off because my son didn’t cry enough to set it off. It has been very hard emotionally adjusting to the loss of the hearing and I have moments of regret over it. My children now have two deaf parents, instead of one totally deaf one and one that can hear aided.. they were having a hard time adjusting on the weekend, and my son (middle child) wanted me to play with him. My recovery is nearly 100 percent, but I tire easily, and get dizzy more when I am tired or do some things physically and it leaves me woozy and unbalanced. I also have a cold right now, which obviously creates its own issues, and adds to the wooziness.

Tomorrow: removal of the sutures and the next phase of healing for the incision, which I hope will go flat quickly and heals quickly.


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