Second Day of Activation..

Today I used the second program on my processor. I am pretty sure it does not have the high res Fidelity 120 on it. It seems to miss “information” .. will have to keep switching daily to determine what program I like best before my next appointment next Tuesday. 

Small “wow” .. when I took off the hearing aid, I was tickling my infant son (almost a toddler), and I could sense the ‘ha ha’ and heard it, not just in the tones/pitches but the actual ‘ha”. It was not distinctive but I was able to make it out. He has been hard to hear with the other sounds I hear so to me this was a big deal. 

I hear lots of pitches and tones and yet at the same time can hear the sounds and words at times.. its disconcerting. I have not been able to take the hearing aid off the other ear much because of the baby.. I have had to take a couple hours breaks off and on through the last two days as its very tiring even though I am still working out what I am hearing. 

It is really hard to explain what I hear .. it is definitely not what others hear normally. Very hard to adjust to, much less accept that I am basically starting over and relearning sounds with that ear. I keep expecting to hear as I did with the hearing aids, as I do right now with the left hearing aid. 

One day at a time…



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