Sixth Day Post Activation.

I’ve been fipping through both programs each day. There is a subtle difference between them and I can’t tell what exactly or which one I prefer. I am leaning towards the first one though. I hear mostly tones but get impressions of words when in conversation. When watching TV or listening to CDs in the van, I get the music and surrounding sounds more than the words. It is no longer shocking my other words it doesn’t seem as intense as it did the first three days. I now feel I need more volume and input as it seems “low”. Tuesday is my first appointment to adjust the program and give my thoughts.

My daughter is disappointed that it will take a while to get this to where I can understand them better. There is a reason why they do this so slowly and carefully. It is overwhelming, tiring, and its a lot of information to process, especially if one has never heard anything before. I at least have the “knowledge bank” to refer to. However there are still sounds I have never heard, so that will be exciting to me when that happens.

The hardest thing for me is finding opportunities to go without my hearing aid on the left ear enough to focus on the implant. with the baby, it has mostly been when he is sleeping or the hubby is home. I do find that both together seems to help with my comprehension, but only when I am not exhausted, or distracted by the baby or in the middle of something.

The other challenging is keeping my ten month old from grabbing the cord along with my glasses. FUN…..not….

This is all just the first week impressions and things will continue to change in the Weeks and months to come. I hope that by Christmas, that everything will be much more



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