First REAL Sound Discerned


Heard my son’s jumperoo music over the TV, with the other aid on, I still picked it out. I’ve heard words and sounds but this was the first time I just picked it out amongst everything I was hearing. I told my hubby I thought I was picking it up, and turned off my hearing aid. He muted the TV as well for me, so I could focus on what I was hearing to be sure. Sure enough, I was truely hearing the music, and it was not tinny or beep-like, as voices and other sounds are. I could pick up my son babbling, and the jumping sound he made, but those were more of what I had been hearing the past week, tones and pitches. I had heard words but they were very tinny, the music was fairly clear, and I was hearing as much if not more than I was with the hearing aid.

Definitely one for the memory bank!


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