Two Weeks Post Activation

I have been wearing the processor daily… some days are the whole day and others are half the day.. its been tiring, overwhelming and at times information overload.. the tinnitus is incessant, and i can still hear it over the input from the processor.. which is confusing at times and annoying. Sleep is hard won due to the tinnitus and I am lucky to get more than four hours in a row, much less fall asleep quickly.  There has not been any changes in what I have heard or discerned from all the information since last Tuesday.. at least nothing I truly recognize. 

I am trying to be patient with the process but it is hard when I am so used to the way I heard with my hearing aids.. having to go without one part of the day is hard.. I don’t like not being able to hear or miss information. 

Second week was a bit better.. but still overwhelming and tiring.


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