So last week I ran into a woman whose daughter I coached last year in soccer. She was aware that I had implanted last year, and was familiar with my implant program and doctor. After telling her how I had been doing, and feeling for the past year, she made a comment that totally made my day!

Your speech has improved tremendously since I last saw you in August. It was good to begin with, but now it is sharper, clearer, and more concise.”

Needless to say that stunned me, and made my day! Positive feedback had been lacking in my life from friends and family, and what little changes I did notice were random, and far between.

I can now hear the warning sounds when I reverse in my vehicle, and the click of the signal. I heard the different sounds in a rainmaker stick, rather than as a single sound. i picked up a conversation outside from forty feet away. I also am beginning to identify songs and music, and the lyrics to familiar songs.

Slowly but surely things are changing. I look forward to noticing more things and hearing more feedback from those around me.