Differences Are Beautiful


See also a previous post from my best friend, entitled “Words of Encouragement From My BFF” written last summer.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Last night I wrote about asking my friends what it was like to have a friend who is hard of hearing, and they told me they didn’t see a difference.  A fellow blogger pointed out that

They really don’t see us differently. The ones that do, are the prejudiced ones.

Her comment on my blog got me thinking.

Am I really different, or do people just perceive me as such because I’m not like them?  Of course, that begs another question: What is normal anyway?

As far as I’m concerned, there really is no such thing as “normal”.  No two people are exactly the same, not even identical twins.  Our personalities make us unique.  Who we are sets us apart from everyone else on this Earth.  So, why then am I the different one? Is it because being able to hear is considered “normal”?  Maybe according to science and all…

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