Turning Gobbledygook Into Words

Toddler speak is often gobbledygook to us parents, and it is quite challenging for me to interpret what my son says. Lately though, since I started the Auditory Verbal Therapy, I am starting to understand so much more. Now if I can only remember them all!

Here are his favourite things to say:

Uh Oh!
Right there!
Mom! …. Mom!……. Mom!
Come here!
Sit down!
Thank you!
Hmmmmm! (When eating something he likes)
That’s a baby!
I gotta go! I gotta go! (We aren’t sure if this is referring to his possible readiness to toilet train or just his awareness, or something else entirely.)
Night night!
Daddy! … Dad! …. Daddy! Is home!
I got a stinky!
Moo! Neigh! Roar! Hee Haw! Oink! Meow! Woof woof!
Vroom! Beeeeep! Choo choo!
There it is!
My car!
Quack quack! Duck!

Notice a trend? Everything he says is with tremendous enthusiasm and a big huge grin.. Then we get these serious moments, when he looks at us and softly goes: “Mom! I ga da ba do to ma ga ..” And then smiles sweetly. I am not even sure what he said but it’s the cutest most adorable thing! There are more words and every day I catch something new, or a new attempt.

The best part is, I am starting to get some of what he says from another room. I am really loving watching him learn and listening to him play and talk. Bedtimes has become a favourite now that I can understand what he is saying better, and his newfound interaction with the books. He has a favourite book, by Usborne, called 100 First Words. He points to the picture, and finds it in the bigger pictures; and then he also says the word, or attempts to. He is giving me so much practice and we even play mimicking games with speech sounds. His favourite is to blow raspberries, sssss, ah, and oo.

He plays on the iPad every day, and discovered the Photo Touch apps. He always seems to pick the Zoo one. When I sit and watch him pick the animal picture matching the word spoken, I find that I am actively listening and gaining practice at the same time. It was kind of sneaky of me, as I had downloaded them for me to practice with but in the end, he is benefitting too. So a little patience, a little practice and plenty of repetition, gobbledygook is slowly but surely turning into words.


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