Wow wow wow……. End of Second Month AVT

Some new milestones……

I’ve had to use the phone a few times this week, and as I directed the call (established the topic),I was able to handle the conversation reasonably well (80%). In my AVT session today, my therapist did a phone exercise with me. I understood 98% of the sentences we used. Granted there were specific words used and it was a script from Med-El Soundscape, it was still an improvement. We went through two drive thrus for drinks and I also comprehended about 95% of the other person. This is a significant milestone and a step in the right direction.

I’m noticing my son’s speech is getting clearer, and he says new words almost daily. I can hear him from another room most of the time, and I am starting to understand him without lip reading a little. That one is definitely new for me, as I couldn’t do that with the older two until they were older. I still need to lip read everyone, but more and more I am listening and hearing better, and becoming less reliant on lip reading slowly but surely.

I went to see Catching Fire and my daughter used the caption viewer more than I did. I have also resumed listening to music more, and have picked up more of the lyrics, particularly when I listen to old favourites. The new stuff I need to find on the music channels or YouTube to get exposure to them. I have started listening to books, namely children’s stories, and have been doing well. My therapist did a short story, and I repeated back 98% accurately.

Overall I am feeling good, and very excited to see what the next month results are. I will be seeing my audiologist for an evaluation for the left ear hearing aid. I plan to get her to test me, to see what changes have occurred for the right side since I last saw her. So excited for that.

The journey is just beginning!


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