Don’t Die a Copy

I am sharing this post, as she expresses similar sentiments about the social events we endure as deaf or hard of hearing individuals. Being ourselves is a hard thing to do.

Can You Hear Me Now?


I love the holidays.  The crisp, crystal clear mornings, the holiday songs on the radio and in the stores, the anticipation of spending time with family, the chance to wear my kitty hat again . . .

Of course, the holidays usually involve some kind of company and/or family party where lots of people get together, eat food, drink more than they should, and well . . .talk.  Large crowds make me nervous, especially when I don’t know everyone else all that well. The thing with large crowds at parties is that they are usually very noisy.  And, depending on the location, the lighting usually isn’t very good.  This means that lip reading becomes essential, as well as reading body language.  Yet, as I’ve mentioned before, lip reading is only 30-50 percent effective.  That and it’s really tiring.

When lip reading fails me, which it does on occasion, I have…

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