Holiday Gift of Sounds

I have bilateral hearing once again, after nearly a year of almost total silence on the left ear. I have been wearing my Phonak Naida hearing aid again on the left ear, since early December and my Neptune on the right side. I have noticed that my hearing aid picks up so much less than my Neptune it isn’t funny. After three weeks I am still acclimatizing and I don’t think I like the difference.

Christmas preparations and celebrations revealed the difference quite strongly… The Neptune picked up a wide variety of sounds more clearly than my hearing aid did.. like:

– Crinkle of wrapping paper
– Crackle of the fire
– Whirring of ceiling fan blades (we have these on to push heat down)
– Christmas Carols sounded fuller and richer
– Sitting in the back of the van, heard more from the right speaker, than the left speaker I was sitting beside while radio played.
– Sizzle of the turkey roasting in the roaster oven
– Cracking of ice on the deck as the hubby walked on it, attempting to break it. (Heard through closed patio doors)
– Sizzling of butter in the pan as pancakes, grilled cheese, and eggs were made, as well as the bacon
– Sounds of static electricity as I touched someone as the house was too dry
– Bubbling of water heating up and sizzling on the metal as it was poured into the wood stove humidifier
– The sounds of the husband chipping ice off my van and his truck after the ice storm, was heard up in our bedroom.
– The snow blower sounded louder and more noticeable from further away in the house.
– Various beeping alerts of appliances and timers used through the house, heard over the television in our family room.
– The voices of my husband and children sound so different on each side of my head that I couldn’t tell which was the true sound of their voices. Or which side I preferred more. My youngest seemed so squeaky at times.
– The sounds of the violin as my daughter learns to play is so much better with the Neptune, that I can tell when she is off or out of tune.

Richer were the sounds of my kids joy and laughter, particularly the youngest child, at 2.5 almost, who finally discovered the joy of ripping wrapping paper off and exclaiming “wow” with each gift. And asking Daddy to open each one so he could play with it, and incredibly he was so patient and watched so patiently and yet jumped excitedly at times.

Every day I notice new things, and have been so grateful for the changes the C.I. brought me. Hearing my son talk, and noticing the changes in his speech and vocabulary, and even comprehending him without lip reading has been the best part of getting the C.I. I know I am getting so much more than I did with his brother and sister at this age, and I cannot fathom how I managed at all. Toddlers are a force to be reckoned with, and such a delight at this age, as they grow, change, and learn so rapidly. To be able to enjoy it so fully and better than I can with the hearing aid, is a blessing.

As I enter the New Year tonight, I can only hope that 2014 brings me clarity of speech, better speech comprehension and a full benefit from the AVT study I am participating in, and richer life of sounds as my children grow and change. I hope for improved relationships with my husband, children, family and friends. With luck, I will also embark on a new job sometime in 2014, and also grow more in that arena.

I will continue to write, and share my thoughts and experiences as I have the past year and half, and more in the last two months. Please continue to follow me and share the posts that are meaningful to you.

Happy New Year to all of my readers, and may 2014 bring everything you hope for.




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