Love is In The Air

Tomorrow is Valentines’s Day. I usually like to celebrate it with a night out, dinner, a movie, you know, quality time with the man I love away from the house and sans kids. This year though, as in the past few years, we are unable to do so. Money is tight, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to show that we love each other.

How? You ask… Simple.. From the heart…

Make a special dinner with candlelight and wine
Do chores you normally wouldn’t help with
Make a coupon book for cute favours or romantic gestures (not that this should be necessary, so make them fun and unique)
Play in the snow: snowball fight, afternoon of sledding followed by hot chocolate and a warm fire
Write a poem or letter
Stick love notes through the house
Cuddle and watch chick flicks with popcorn
Eskimo kiss
Massages and foot rubs
Reminisce about your first date, the night you proposed or married
Watch your wedding video or look at photos of your years together
Go for a walk and hold hands
Go skating
Play video games, a board game, darts or pool if you have these things in the house

See… Lots of ideas.. What matters is the thought and meaning behind the gesture or activity. Life is too short not to take a moment and remind each other you love them. It doesn’t take much, so Valentines Day should be celebrated every day of the year.

Happy Valentines Day, and show your loved one a super cool, silent way you love them by signing:





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