Defining Moment

I’ve had many moments in my life that defined me. It is hard to narrow down to any one specific event that shaped who I am today. Each moment can shape your life for the short term, or the long term. They can have positive or negative impacts on your life as well.

These moments can be:
First date
A First Kiss
A Marriage Proposal
Your Wedding Day
Birth of a Child
Winning the Lottery
First Job
Loss of a Sibling
Loss of a Parent
Loss of a Child
Loss of a Spouse
Hitting Rock Bottom (drugs or alcoholism)
Nearly Dying
Losing your Hearing, Sight, or Limb
Completing a Marathon
Meeting a Celebrity
Participating in the Olympics
Cancer Diagnosis

So many events on a personal and wide scale (like the Twin Towers falling, a Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina) that can shape a decision in your life and impact you in a variety of ways. What you do with those moments define who you are, and the person you become. You ultimately have the choice to let these moments shape you negatively or positively.

I entered a contest about a Defining Moment in my life, and I chose to write about the day I became motherless while pregnant with my youngest.

Here is the link to the story titled Last Breath:

Please click on the link, and go vote. Contest ends Wednesday February 26, 2014.

This blog, and the writing contests I have begun to enter, may well define me as a writer and the type of author I may become. With support and encouragement from my friends, family, and readers, I hope this will be the start of a new path in my life.


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