Path to Employment

I’ve been struggling to find work for eighteen months now. This is the longest I’ve ever been unemployed, much less frustrated by the current job market. For the first time in my life I’m seeking help from ODSP for employment income support as well as help in getting a job. I’ve never used government services other than when I was in school, and on maternity leave, or in purchasing hearing aids. This is the first time it will be an intensive process to gain employment or start my own business.

I now have to decide which route to go. Do I want to continue to regain entry into the job market? Or do I want to become self employed and create my own business? If I create my own business, then what do I area of the market do I try to find my niche in? I am faced with difficult decisions. Including whether to return to school, yet again.

My deafness creates some difficulties in finding appropriate employment. There are certain areas of employment that will never be a good fit for me. My self esteem and confidence has taken a beating in the past two years. I still have much progress to make with my cochlear implant, not the least of which is consistently understanding conversations, as well as the use of the phone.

I have mixed feelings about the process I am about to embark on. I feel I shouldn’t need to be going this route. I feel saddened it was necessary. I feel hopeful about it helping me to become self sufficient financially. At the same time, I am doubtful because the current job market is difficult for everyone. Being gainfully employed is so important to ones self esteem and confidence.

The state of today’s job market makes me worry for my children’s futures in becoming self sufficient. It makes me worry about our ability to provide for them and our retirement. It makes me realize how important it is for businesses to create employment, and local, provincial or federal governments to provide incentives and help. Without momentum, without incentives, the unemployment rates will rise, the homeless rates will rise, and thus a domino effect begins.

Our future relies on us all.


2 thoughts on “Path to Employment

  1. I completely agree with your post! The deaf/hard of hearing do want to have jobs/careers and take care of themselves (and families). Its ridiculous how much we have to deal with in finding work that is appropriate for us. Yes in some cases, you do begin to question is it worth continuing a job search or should you venture out on your own? Then the next logical step is ask what is it that you LIKE to do, you PASSION and will that PASSION allow you to earn monies to be self sufficient.

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