Long Overdue Mini Update

I haven’t written for some time. Since the spring I’ve been busy coaching soccer, enjoying the summer, and entering a new venture with Primerica. I also am a volunteer liaison for a company and working on a charity soccer tournament in my local town.

I am still doing my AVT, and learned some interesting things at my last appointment in July. That while I can hear the F sound, it seems as if I can’t because my brain lipreads it better than an S, and therefore doesn’t really seem to register the sound. It was puzzling as I can pick up the S sound no problem. Still working on these high frequency sounds, but I’m making good progress and hope to resume AVT next month. Meanwhile I practice on my iPad a few times a week still.

We had a medical crisis in our family last month, and we are all still adjusting. It was a heartbreaking time for me as a parent. It did however prompt me to order a medic alert bracelet, as pictured here:



Don’t wait! There tons of different sites with different options and affordability.

My youngest is in a speech language group, that he started late September. Since then, he has exploded in vocabulary, and finally speaks more three and four word sentences. Still some work he needs to do, but we are so thrilled with his progress. Myself, I’m understanding him much more easily now, even when I don’t have my processor on.

To those still following and reading and sharing, thank you. I’ll try to do better with my posts.