We all make them yearly. To quit smoking, drinking, get healthy by losing weight and so on.. I decided to jumpstart mine.

I have three:

1. To get healthy.
2. Work harder on my AVT and rehabilitation
3. To develop self sustaining income Through: BeachBody (I can sponsor anyone in Canada or United States ) and Primerica (in Ontario only)

I’ve already started working on #1&3.

I recently began Les Mills Pump, through Beachbody. After Four days I am already hooked. I love this program already. The best part: all the DVDs are SUBTITLED! Which really helps me a lot, and they’re so easy to follow.
So I decided to become a Coach. To see what BeachBody is about, you can go to

I wear the Neptune Processor while doing Les Mills and have had no issues with it coming off or interfering in any of the exercises. So far anyway.

As for #2, I am working on it. However I do wear the processor daily and am finding it getting easier to understand my three year old, who is still developing his speech.

So why not jumpstart your own revolutions?!


Gotta say.. This is the longest I’ve stuck with a program in a row. Makes me sad that Les Mills Pump didn’t renew contract with BeachBody.

So if you don’t want to miss out on this great program and offer while supplies last:

Go to shop: and Fitness Programs, select Les Mills, there is the Pump and Combat .. Get them now, as they’re 40% off right now!


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