Revolution not Resolutions

Instead of a making a resolution for health and fitness, why not start a REVOLUTION for overall health, fitness and well being?

Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat are on sale right now, and while quantities last.

I am making my own REVOLUTION of fitness, health and well being. (Includes financial, ask me how!)

I’m also going to work harder on my AVT In the New Year. I’ve had much progress, but I’m really needing to increase my ability to,use the phone again. I believe this will help me find a job, and I need to build that confidence up.

After two years I am still seeking employment, and becoming increasingly frustrated. I have much to offer and yet no calls for interview. In fact I’ve averaged two interviews per year since I lost my job. It BLOWS. I’m not not the only one seeking work, and more recently friends have lost their jobs just mere days before Christmas.

I ended up Joining Primerica and becoming life licensed, and will soon get my securities license. I need to build my clientele, and am seeking clients where I live. ( if you’re in south eastern ontario, you can message me through my contact me page).

I also joined Beachbody because I believe in their products, and for accountability on my own fitness and health. If I make money at the same time, that’s a bonus!

So how are you going to revolutionize your life?


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