Don’t Call Me, Maybe

I had a phone call today from my oldest’s school. They were calling to arrange a parent teacher meeting.. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand a word, and while one might think I slipped in progress regarding the phone, I haven’t, at least, not as yet.

It seems switching from a Samsung to the iPhone probably wasn’t a good move, as there didn’t seem much volume even with the speaker phone on. However, I had been feeling that my current programs need tweaking and as I haven’t been mapped since last March, it’s entirely probable that I’ve acclimated to them.

Suffice it to say, I had to get help, and was worried about why they had phoned. It wasn’t an emergency, but it has me thinking that, I really need to have people understand, that if it isn’t an emergency, to use email. Fortunately my friends and family use all manner of text media to reach me. My family Dr will email me after I call, and in many cases, if I ask, places will oblige.

It had me concerned about when my youngest starts school in the fall and what to do should he needs picking up. I registered him for Junior Kindergarten today on the board website. Along the way I discovered I could register for a new accommodation for parents, called the Family Room. This allows parents to get messages via texts, email, etc. I already follow the board and our school on social media, which is one way to keep apprised of things like school closures and bus cancellations. I thought this was an amazing feature offered by the school board and it alleviated some concerns I have. I will still ensure the school personally knows that I am Deaf, and to use email when possible, just to alleviate stress on myself.

I have nine months until he starts school, which I guess means I need to find a solution to the phone issue. I don’t have Bluetooth capability with my Neptune, and my hearing aid, which does, is now kaput.. Joy. And I have had calls and voice messages and I cannot hear or understand any of them. Needless to say I am frustrated.

However it does not mean I regret the switch to the IPhone 6, at all, in fact far from it. It allows me to use some of the apps I have been using for my AVT, and I hope that in using them on the phone, I’ll be able to use the phone in the end. When will I achieve my goal of at least 90% comprehension on the phone? Who knows, but I will get there. Eventually. Maybe. Someday. Whenever it happens. In the future. You get the drift…right?

In the meantime, Don’t Call Me, Maybe…… Instead, Email or text me 🙂


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