Two Years is TOO Long

I haven’t written in two years.. I am not sure why that is really, although I think truthfully, it has been because not much has changed for me the past two years and therefore I was not inspired to write about my trials with my hearing and communication issues.

I have not been wearing it as much as I should be. I have noticed that I have chosen to turn down the volume settings because every time I wear it, I develop a severe headache from the overload, which occurs even when I have worn it consistently. My tolerance or intolerance for certain sounds remain the same. I still loathe the sound of the toilet flushing or running water in the sink.

I am approaching my five year anniversary of the surgery, and while I still have no regrets about my decision to have the surgery, I am still feeling that loss of the residual hearing in that ear. I intend to follow up with my team, and begin looking into upgrading my processor, in the hopes that having a BTE processor will ensure that I wear it more. I still love my Neptune processor, however the need to wear it has not been strong, particularly since my son is now in school full days.

Communication with others is roughly the same, although I still struggle with my youngest child who is now 5.5 years old. He still does not speak clearly and is in speech therapy through the school. We have had many challenges the past two years, and he has been increasingly frustrated with me and my lack of comprehension when he talks to me. The resulting issue is we are dealing with behaviours on his part, which are not appropriate and yet normal for his age. Suffice it to say I am still struggling to get him to  understand what I need from him to ease our communication.  Without his siblings and father modelling those communication accommodations enough, it is difficult for him to learn to accommodate my communication needs.  A children’s book dealing with this topic is still swirling in my head, and I am close to putting it to paper now.

The job hunt has been disastrous the last five years and I continue to seek part time employment until my son is old enough to be left alone. Recently though, I have just volunteered to write for the Kingston Free Press, which I hope will fulfil some of my need for structure and and a mental outlet for some restlessness I have been feeling.  I hope also, it will allow me to grow as a writer and inspire me to return to the blog, and write some books.

Life is more or less the same as it has been the past two years, however, change is coming as this year my oldest will begin to learn to drive, my middle child will be in Grade 7 in the fall, and my youngest will graduate Kindergarten this June. I am looking forward to these events even while I mourn the fact that my children are growing up more quickly than I want them to.

I am pleased to see the site is still getting visitors and I hope I can increase the numbers again. Please keep visiting and sharing the site, and I will try to write much more often.




4 thoughts on “Two Years is TOO Long

  1. You’re not alone. I haven’t blogged for a year. I started two weeks ago and hope to gain readers as I continue to blog weekly. I redesigned my blog, added more contents because I thought the old blog was too boring for me. Believe me, it drove me beyond crazy that I truly wanted to give up. I decided to use a free subscription which force me to lose all my followers and readers. I made my decision, my blog is no longer about hearing loss. It’s about my life, the changes that will come and go. I’ll follow you and offer support. I’m here whenever you need inspiration. Please continue to blog, blog only for yourself, blog anything that helps you express yourself. Never forget who you are and don’t give up in job hunting. Keep looking. If you would like to follow me, please use my new link:

    Take care,
    Alicia Castro

    • you are very sweet to write such a thoughtful message. You’re correct, time now to make it about my life, and if my hearing factors in, then so be it. There is so much going on in the world right now.

      i will follow your new blog space.

      Take Care,

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