Breaking the Sound Barrier Consulting & Motivational Speaker

Mission statement:

To increase awareness of the Deaf community, and understanding on how to communicate, and accommodate their needs in all sectors, with a focus on the retail and customer service, small businesses and emergency fields. To share personal experiences and advice for the community at large. To motivate and inspire children with or without disabilities like deafness and autism. To provide information, and resources where needed, to the community.


– informational workshops about the Deaf community
– information on how to accommodate and effectively communicate with the Deaf Community as relates to the emergency sectors
– how to accommodate the Deaf clients and customers in the retail sectors, customer service, staff and potential employees in the business sector
– information on different losses, and how to recognize a Deaf individual
– how to accommodate the Deaf community in the tourism sectors, museums, and other related areas
– motivational speaker for schools, community groups such as Boys & Girls Club, to not only raise awareness amongst children but to provide inspiration and a role model to these children, that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Sliding scale of affordable fees for time, travel and number of people participating and the needs of your business, or community service.

Serving the areas of:
Belleville, Kingston, Gananoque, Brockville, Smith Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Ottawa.

* willing to travel further at an additional cost for arranging accommodations, and related expenses.


Available at a minimum of two weeks notice, to prepare for the workshop, materials and arrange travel.

Minimum group size of 20, to a max of 50. Willing to do workshops/seminars/ presentations for several days in a row, or up to three per day.

I am also available as a Deaf person at large, to speak with parents, and parenting groups to help them navigate the world of hearing loss for their children.


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