Contact Me Information and Personal Links

Do you have questions about deafness, about me, about the technology? Are you curious? Do you have a child recently diagnosed with a hearing loss and are muddling through? Is there a topic you’d like me to write about?

Friends and Family: I would love to have some words from you about your experience with me, and what impact I have had in your lives, to share with others.

Send me a comment, a question or message me at


I am in Ontario, and other info you need is right here on this page 🙂


You can follow me on Twitter as @chica71 and @BSBdeafCHICA

Or my Facebook Page: Breaking The Sound Barrier

I also have an online associate business:
Lilybean and Baxter


There are lots of good sales, and items for Weddings, and Gifting. Many may be personalized. You can even become an associate, no fees, no parties, just pure online marketing. Commission on even your own purchases every month.


Online store:

Amazon Associate Store.



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